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Lalang Cake Pan 5

Introducing lalang-The 2 new cake pan models that are perfect for your baking needs. With their unique tree shaped molds, these pan models are sure to turn a simple project into a fun andes-inspired cake or pie. Optionalsilicone mold for fondant bakeware.

Top 10 Lalang Cake Pan 5 Sale

This is a great project to do if you want to create a new design in cake engineering! The cake pan has a really good quality and large size for creating large-scale projects. Additionally, it's easy to build and is great for larger projects.
this is a 3dlip cake mold that comes with a background and decoration for it's cake. It is silicone quality and made with a different type of decoration than most of the other cakes we have. It is perfect for any baking task you need to have a unique and beautiful look.
this is a kitchen tool that creates chocolate cake molding tools and candy soaps. This tool has a 5 piece halloween ball mask silicone mold fondant cake decorating tools part that can be used for some unique and exciting tasks such as keychains, candy bars, soaps, and much more!